In English

Classic  150 SEK

Fried salted pork
Raggmunk, raw lingonberries.
Lightly breaded flounder file
Remoulad sauce, boiled potato, lemon.
Swedish meatballs
Boiled potato, cream sauce, lingonberries.
Vegan meatballs
Boiled potato, cream sauce, lingonberries.

Á la carte

Dumplings, vegan 140 SEK
 Jasminris, pickels, chili mayonnaise, soy sauce.

Pan-breaded feta cheese or halloumi 165 SEK
garlic mashed potato, greek salad, tazikiaioli.

Bistro´s  burger 165 SEK
Potato bun, fries, salad, tomato, pickled red onoin, pickel.

Halloumi burger
Cheddar, chili mayonnaise.

Cheeseburgare 2 x 100 gr ground beef
Cheddar, fried onion, béarnaise.

High rib beef burger 2 x 100 gr
Cheddar, bacon, chili mayonnaise.

Plant beef burger: vegan, gluten-free
Chili mayonnaise.

Club sandwich 165 SEK
Sourdough bread, chicken file, lettuce, tomato, pickled onion, ceasardressing, french fries:  

Hot smoked salmon 175 SEK
 Rum sauce, boiled potato, mixed sallad capers

Schnitzel, pork 165 SEK
Fried potato, caper, garlic butter, pickels onion.

Sirlion steak 175 SEK
Fried onoin, béarnaise, fries, mix sallad

Steak sandwich, sirlion steak 175 SEK
Butter-fried levain bread, truffel mayonnaise, pickled onion, salad, roasted onions, chateu fries.

Salad  150 SEK

Ceasar salad: 
Roman salad, croutons, caesar dressing, grana padano.

Choose between:
Chicken and bacon

Feta cheese salad: tomato, pickels onion, olives, croutons.

Vegan feta cheese salad: tomato, pickels onion, olives, croutons.

Hot smoked salmon salad: rum sauce, egg, pickled onion, capers, croutons.

Shrimps salad: hand-peeled shrimps, egg, pickled onion, croutons, rhode island sauce.

Seafood  140 SEK

Shrimps sandwich: 
hand-peeled shrimps, egg, mayonnaise
sallad, tomato, pickled red onion

Pan-breaded Vannamei prawns:
Jasmine rice, carrot, cabbage salad, pickled red onion, sweet chili sauce

Grilled sandwich levain bread  90 SEK

Ham, cheese: tomato, dijonnasie.

Bacon, cheese: tomato, dijonnaise.

Two kinds of cheese: tomato, pesto.

Turkey, chees: tomato, pesto, cheese.

Feta chees: pesto, sundried tomato.

Vegan feta cheese: pesto, sun-dried tomato.

Fried egg: 10 SEK
French fries, aioli: 30 SEK
Side salad, aioli: 30 SEK

Children’s menu

Up to 12 years.

Hamburgers: 70 SEK
Fries, cheddar, hamburger dressing

Swedish meatballs:  70 SEK
Boiled potato, cream sauce, lingonberries

Pancakes: jam, whipped cream 60 SEK 

Chicken nuggets: fries, hamburger dressing/ketchup
– 4 pcs- 60 SEK
– 6 pcs – 70 SEK

Sandwiches: 50 SEK

Bagels, rye bread, salad, tomato


Cheese, fried egg

Cheese, ham

Cheese, turkey

Hot smoked salmon, rum sauce, pickled red onion


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